Due Diligence Professionals and Environmental Consultants


Targus Associates specializes in environmental due diligence services for acquisitions and financing of commercial real estate and related consulting services. Targus' professionals follow the due diligence process from inception through completion and, when environmental issues are encountered, can identify a path that leads the investor to an outcome that facilitates an acquisition geared toward a future exit strategy.

Our mission is to assist our clients in protecting their investment of money and time in commercial real estate from the many risks that arise in business. The logo and the name Targus (from the Old English targa or Middle English targe, meaning shield) are constant reminders of our role in safeguarding our clients' assets and providing peace of mind.


At Targus we thrive on providing excellence in client service and successful project outcomes.  We believe this excellence derives from understanding and keeping at the forefront the client's project objectives, assigning clients one single point of contact, maintaining continuity of the Targus project team from inception to conclusion, and developing a relationship of mutual trust. We invite you to review our Statement of Qualifications on the left side of this page.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your objectives and become an essential member of your team.