t18-3781 Juanita Craft

Project Summary Lead and NESHAP Asbestos Survey
Location Dallas Texas
Service Asbestos
Outcome Abatement Design and Implementation

The Juanita Craft House was constructed in 1930 and is owned and operated by the City of Dallas as a museum dedicated to its namesake, a civil rights pioneer. In early 2018 a fire protection system failure discharged water damaging ceilings, walls, and floors of several rooms in this 1,000 square foot historical structure. In preparation for significant water damage restoration, in conjunction with lead and mold consulting services, Targus was engaged to conduct a pre-renovation asbestos suvey in advance of mitigation work by others. The services focused on the damaged kitchen, sewing room, and Craft Kid Room intended for repair. The inspection included over 40 samples of suspect ACM, including wall and ceiling system components in multiple rooms.

It was confirmed that restoration work would not disturb leaded paint and that the moisture damage (un-regulated mold) would be sufficiently addressed through the asbestos abatement. Based on the results of the survey, Targus prepared an asbestos abatement design to accompany implementation of the recommended mold remediation protocol. Our project team has interacted with City of Dallas personnel and the historical preservationist, and multiple contractors as part of the bidding process.

NESHAP Asbestos Survey