Construction Support

As redevelopment expands from suburbs and surrounding “greenfield” sites to areas of former commercial or industrial use, developers are increasingly building on previously contaminated lands. Although traditional remediation is applicable to many projects, owners often find it expedient and more efficient to integrate investigation and cleanup into the construction project. This approach avoids or reduces the slow, costly, and often redundant processes by combining these tasks into a compressed timeframe using labor, materials, and equipment that already deployed to the property.

Targus has assisted its clients through such process on numerous such “brownfield” sites and has become proficient at planning and integrating an appropriate array of remediation tools into demolition and construction projects. On some occasions our role is to manage or implement the process, on others it is to observe and document that this process is properly carried out by others. Typical services include:

  • Review grading plan against known/ suspected contamination
  • Estimation of excavated soil disposal or treatment costs
  • Prepare and implement soil/ materials management plans
  • Remove known or discovered USTs, sewers, other underground structures
  • Asbestos removal (interior or exterior)
  • Inventory/ remove universal wastes
  • Document off-site disposal and recycling
  • Provide comprehensive completion documentation