T18-3740 HanoverRepublic RemediationSJ

Project Summary Downtown Redevelopment
Location Austin, TX
Service Remediation, Construction
Outcome Self-Implemented Corrective Action

The subject property was located in an urban area experiencing intense redevelopment and job growth.  Targus was retained to perform an environmental site assessment (Phase I ESA and a following Phase II ESA) of an abandoned/vacant bar/entertainment venue slated for redevelopment with a mixed-use mid-rise building. Surveys conducted in conjunction with the ESA confirmed the absence of asbestos-containing building materials and leaded paint, facilitating demolition without required abatement.

Prior occupants had included automotive sales and service and refueling, followed by subsequent redevelopment. Historical information also identified prior releases of PCE from an adjoining dry cleaning business and petroleum constituents and solvents from another former adjoining facility, each of which had affected groundwater and received regulatory closure without documented corrective action. During the course of subsequent sampling and analysis Targus identified the presence of the same and related constituents in unsaturated soil above affected groundwater. Leachate analysis and total analysis of soil samples from intervening location indicated that the releases from the subject property had not co-mingled with the underlying plume(s). Subsequent groundwater sampling and analysis supported separation from off-site source(s).

In light of planned substantial excavation for subsurface construction, Targus developed a plan for on-site pre-treatment and testing of approximately 4,000-6,000 cubic yards of excavated soil to coincide with ground preparation for foundation construction. In support of the required grading permits, Targus’ engineer provided required representations to the city. In order to facilitate eventual receipt of a No Further Action (NFA) letter, Targus prepared and submitted an advance Self Implementation Notice (SIN) to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Corrective Action Program. Targus directed excavation, soil treatment, and re-use on the restricted-access site, followed by soil characterization for disposal and confirmation sampling in advance of earthwork to avoid construction delay, the Response Action Completion Report (RACR) was accepted by TCEQ in support of the NFA letter.

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