Remediation/ Corrective Action

In addition to assessment intended to identify the presence or likely presence of petroleum or hazardous substances (“contamination”) Targus routinely provides an array of corrective action services (often called “Phase III in the real estate world) typically within the regulatory framework of the local authorities having jurisdiction. The classical process of remediation relied on excavation and off-site disposal of wastes in remote landfills. Although this approach still has its place, a wide range of new tools have been brought to bear in the marketplace. These approaches can be classified as decontamination (removal or on-site treatment) or in-situ management; each rendering the affected property protective for its intended use and occupancy. Targus is skilled and experienced in a range of remediation services, including: 

  • Establishment of Project Objectives
  • Corrective Action Planning, Design, and Budgeting
  • Preparation of Specifications and Contract Documents, and Contractor Administration
  • In-Situ or Ex-Situ Treatment/ Decontamination i.e., 
    • Removal by Excavation (traditional “dig and haul,” etc.)
    • Soil Vapor Extraction/ Sub-Slab Depressurization
    • Biological or Abiotic Chemical Destruction
    • Traditional Land Treatment
    • Chemical Stabilization
  • Establishment of Physical Barriers (i.e., soil cover, pavements, buildings, vapor barriers)
  • Administrative Controls (Land Use Restrictions)
  • Field Observation, Monitoring, and Documentation of Completion
  • Human Health Risk Assessment to Demonstrate Protectiveness
  • Regulatory Submittals to Secure Closure or Concurrence