Phase II

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Establishment of the ASTM Phase II E1903 standard was prompted as a means to reduce uncertainty regarding the potential presence of a recognized environmental condition. As a formal, structured, decision making framework it has been adopted by many for sampling and analysis tasks carried out for many reasons and “Phase II” has become a general moniker for sampling and analysis, in general. Targus’ Phase II projects are often prompted by business environmental risk, in combination with reducing uncertainty pertaining to recognized environmental conditions. Our most common services include:

  • Preliminary Exposure Assessments or other local regulatory equivalent assessments
  • Soil Gas Sampling and Analysis (from rapid screening to fixed monitoring points)
  • Groundwater Sampling and Analysis (shallow probes to deep monitoring wells)
  • Soil Sampling and Analysis (surface sampling to deep soil borings)
  • Universal and Demolition Waste Characterization
  • Indoor Vapor Exposure Assessments