Nest Egg 2 SJ

Project Summary Underground Storage Tank Closure
Location Dallas, Texas
Service Phase I Due Diligence, Phase II Assessment, Remediation, Construction
Outcome Clean Closure TCEQ ID 22997

Targus conducted field observation, screening, and documentation of demolition and earthwork conducted as part of a downtown reconstruction project. During the course of excavation for basement and foundations five underground storage tanks were encountered in one location. Excavation activities were halted in the tank area but continued unabated at different locations. After required regulatory notifications a licensed UST contractor exposed, cleaned, and removed the tanks, and transported them for proper off-site disposal.

Affected excavated tank pit soil was segregated, characterized, and transported to an off-site landfill under manifest. Assessment required for completion of a Release Determination Report was conducted and documented for submittal to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Petroleum Storage Tank group. A No Further Action Letter was issued by TCEQ, facilitating completion of excavation and basement construction in the former UST location. 

Nest Egg 2Nest Egg 2