T18-3464 US Storage Compton EB

Project Summary Construction, Building Demolition and Construction of Self-Storage Facility
Location Compton, CA
Service Phase I Due Diligence, Remediation, Asbestos, Construction
Outcome Building Demolition and Construction of Self-Storage Facility

Targus was retained to perform an environmental site assessment (Phase I ESA and additional non-ASTM services) of an industrial property consisting of three vacant buildings on approximately three acres of land. The improvements were completed in between 1951 and 1963. After acquisition, the property was redeveloped as a self-storage building.

Prior subsurface sampling was performed by others as part of an underground storage tank (UST) system removal. Although several soil samples were collected, the previous assessment activities did not include groundwater sampling. Prior subsurface sampling by others was also performed to address historic industrial operations on the property. These activities did not include groundwater sampling, and some areas of concern were not addressed. Off-site facilities with a history of releases to soil, groundwater, and soil vapor were also identified. Collectively, these considerations presented a recognized environmental condition.

Targus prepared a Soil Management Plan (SMP) to provide procedures to guide soil management activities during future redevelopment. Health and safety, field screening, data collection, confirmation sampling, off-site disposal, and fill material were among the topics covered in the SMP.

Targus performed field monitoring during excavation activities associated with site redevelopment in general accordance with the procedures outlined in the SMP. Subsurface conditions encountered during excavation included discovery of asbestos-containing transite pipe, a concrete clarifier, sewer piping connected to the clarifier, and an undocumented irrigation well. The transite pipe was removed after preparation of a Procedure 5 and Asbestos Survey. The clarifier was removed after sand inside of the equipment was sampled to characterize the material for off-site disposal. Several soil samples were collected in the excavation after the clarifier and associated sewer pipe were removed. Detected constituents were below applicable regulatory criteria. The undocumented well was decommissioned under a permit from Los Angeles County. As an added precaution related to the underlying petroleum plume, a vapor barrier was installed beneath the management office during construction.

T18-3464 US Storage Compton