T18-3866 Addison AirportSJ

Project Summary NESHAP Asbestos Survey
Location Addison, TX
Service Asbestos
Outcome ACM Inventory, Abatement Design, Abatement Project Management

Addison Airport hangar A1 is occupied by the Cavanaugh Flight Museum which utilizes the 25,000 square feet and surrounding tarmac for display, storage, and repair of historically significant aircraft. The 25,000 square foot hangar A1A is occupied by Metroplex Aircraft Inspections for aircraft inspection and repair. These structures were constructed in 1958 and recently slated for demolition. In preparation for that work, Targus was engaged to conduct pre-demolition asbestos surveys. The inspections included collection of approximately 200 samples of suspect asbestos-containing material (ACM) as needed to supplement a prior 100-sample survey. Asbestos was confirmed to be present at concentrations greater than one percent in textured wall systems, window putty, sealant on CMU components, thermal system insulations, various mastics, and floorings. Additional building components were presumed to also be ACM.

Based on the results of the survey, Targus prepared an asbestos abatement design to govern the removal of confirmed ACM in advance of demolition. Our project team subsequently conducted a pre-bid site walk with multiple contractors, assisted in contractor selection, and provided monitoring and project management for the asbestos abatement project.

T18-3866 Addison Airport