3162 Tivol HP Mold SJ

Project Summary Mold and Moisture Consulting
Location Overland Park, KS
Service Mold
Outcome Mold Assessment and Repair of Water Damage

Our client was notified that a prominent jeweler had reported mold and moisture damage of interior finishes of the retail space to its local property manager. The affeced area adjoined portions of the building where exterior repairs had been underway during a period of unseasonably high precipation during summer thunderstorms. In addition to damage of interior wallboard and flooring, water entry extended to the basement ceiling finishes and HVAC ductwork.

Following initial water recovery efforts, Targus was engaged to visit the property to assess physical damage and alleviate occupant concerns about mold. Targus identified areas of finish materials that could reasonably be dried and also those that warranted replacement. Those determinations were made based on infrared thermal scans, moisture meter readings, physically touching the wetted materials, and evaluation of wall cavity spaces through a number of test coupons after sampling the materials to confirm absence of asbestos. Prior to disturbance, Targus collected indoor air samples for fungi analysis.

Detailed drawings were provided to the property manager and contractor to guide their removal and drying activities. In the absence of visible mold or elevated airborn mold counts, the repair work was conducted without negative air containment.

Targus verified sufficient drying of the materials that were not removed and replaced and conducted post-mitigation testing for airborne mold and measurement of indoor air quality comfort parameters (temperature, humidity). Thereafter, the premises were released for interior painting and trim installation.


3162 Tivol HP Mold SJ3162 Tivol HP Mold SJ3162 Tivol HP Mold SJ