Project Summary 1,500 Acre Cattle Ranch
Location Flint Hills, Kansas
Service Phase I Due Diligence
Outcome Transaction Completed

Targus was engaged through counsel for a prospective purchaser of approximately 1,500 acres of unimproved grassland located in Butler County, Kansas.  Access was provided via gravel roads and grass pathways. Surface water resources included (dry) stretches of Satchel Creek and Bemis Creek, in addition to multiple impoundments. The surrounding land was similar in nature.

The site reconnaissance was conducted utilizing a four wheel drive vehicle to access particular locations targeted for observation. As is consistent with ASTM E2247, the locations selected for closer evaluation were selected primarily by review of topographic maps and aerial photographs and included areas around impoundments, livestock feeding or handling areas, perimeter locations in proximity to access points and stream crossings, and random additional areas.

This assessment identified no recognized environmental conditions or business environmental risk and the client undertook its business transaction without necessity of further environmental assessment.