Project Summary 66 Acre Wooded Development Parcel
Location Harris County, Texas
Service Phase I Due Diligence
Outcome Environmental Condition Approved

Targus was engaged by the prospective purchaser of the wooded parcel to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and additional environmental services of a vacant parcel intended for industrial development. The subject property was located in an area characterized by additional vacant wooded land, industrial facilities, a portion of the Harris County Toll Road system, a residential neighborhood, and a golf course.

As a result of the extremely dense vegetation, the site reconnaissance was conducted on foot and utilizing a single-rider four wheel drive vehicle. Locations selected for particular evaluation were selected primarily by review of topographic maps and aerial photographs and included accessible portions of the perimeter, cleared interior survey transects and animal paths, and random additional areas.

Conditions atypical for this area included the presence of deer feeders and other evidence of hunting, including remains of prior kills. Local petroleum exploration and production facilities, including an oil well, were observed and researched and found not to threaten the subject property. On-site and adjoining areas of likely wetlands were confirmed in locations indicated by topography and drainage patterns, but no recognized environmental conditions were identified.

Although the conditions documented in the environmental assessment were found to be satisfactory, the business transaction was placed on hold pending resolution of access and other development issues.