Hill Wilkins UTD SJ

Project Summary Mold Consulting
Location Dallas, Texas
Service Mold, Construction
Outcome Documented Proper Repair and Drying During Construction

Our client was in the process of constructing new dormitories for a growing local university. Prior to the building being dried in, rainfall had moistened the wooden stick frame structure. Compounding the moistening was a period of high humidity concurrent with placement of lightweight flowable concrete floors.

Targus was contacted when widespread surface mold growth appeared on interior drywall. University personnel were concerned about suitability for potential future occupancy and required aggressive response.

Our field personnel conducted a unit-by-unit moisture assessment that correlated with documenting the locations and degree of visible mold. Thereafter, Targus worked with the client to establish a systematic process of wallboard removal and drying of exposed wall cavities using fans and strategically-placed dehumidifiers. Over a period of several weeks contractor personnel removed damaged wallboard and cleaned/ scrubbed other discolored areas with a dilute biocide and bleaching agent. As the poured floors cured and drying progressed, we documented the reduction of moisture content in the cleaned gypsum board and exposed wooden framing. Once framing was dry, removed wallboard was replaced and floated in.

Targus prepared a detailed report tracking the progress of each unit. The report was presented to university personal and this potential obstacle to project acceptance was overcome.

Hill Wilkins UTD SJHill Wilkins UTD SJ