Planet Tan Fish City SJ

Project Summary Mold and Moisture Consulting
Location San Antonio, Texas
Service Mold, Asbestos, Indoor Air Quality
Outcome Restored Property to Proper Condition

Our client was notified that a retail occupant had reported mold and moisture damage of interior finishes to its local property manager. The affected area adjoined the kitchen of a neighboring restaurant. Through coordination with both tenants and property management, Targus’ assessment continued from the first tenant’s office space into the restaurant kitchen. Significant water sources were identified to include condensation behind a walk-in cooler, kitchen tile shoe mold that had locally disintegrated, and improperly-installed rigid plastic water-resistant wall coverings.

Targus conducted a pre-disturbance asbestos survey of finish materials in both tenant suites, verifying no asbestos-containing materials were subject to disturbance during the anticipated repairs. Targus prepared a mold mitigation design for use and reliance by the restaurant tenant’s licensed abatement contractor. Targus observed and documented removal and replacement of materials from the affected offices within negative pressure enclosures. Where inaccessible on the restaurant side, water-resistant finishes were installed on the back side of the studs from the office space. After replacement of drywall and confirmation air sampling, the work crew relocated to the restaurant space. In this area few water-affected materials were encountered. However, demonstration of effective repair of the moisture sources was required. Targus observed and documented removal and proper installation of water-resistant wall finishes and elastomeric shoe mold.

Project  completion was documented in a formal written report that clearly depicted the final conditions and removal and proper disposal of water-damaged materials.


Planet Tan Fish City SJPlanet Tan Fish City SJPlanet Tan Fish City SJPlanet Tan Fish City SJ