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Project Summary Phase I ESA and Regulatory Closure
Location Dallas, Texas
Service Phase I Due Diligence, Phase II Assessment
Outcome MSD Acquired and Certificate of Completion received from the TCEQ

Targus was retained to perform an environmental site assessment (Phase I ESA and additional non-ASTM services) of a five acre property improved with a twelve-story office building, a three-story office building, and a six-story parking garage constructed in the 1980s.

Targus’ regulatory review identified local gasoline contamination from multiple adjoining underground storage tank (UST) releases, not fully delineated. Historical information identified various suspect on-site operations which, together with off-site plumes, constituted a recognized environmental condition.

In response, a third party undertook sampling and analysis in the suspect areas which confirmed the presence of petroleum in soil, groundwater, and soil vapor. Thereafter, Targus was engaged to assist the parties to the transaction by securing suitable regulatory closure. We secured entry into the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) prior to closing with an application naming co-applicant. Thereafter, we prepared a Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) application based on prior data as augmented by additional groundwater assessment. Targus conducted community outreach and presented site assessment information during the MSD public participation and comment period. Following representation to city council Targus secured the required ordinance and satisfied the VCP MSD and Affected Property Assessment Report (APAR) requirements, thereupon securing a final VCP Certificate of Completion (COC).

Targus worked with the client to get the site into the VCP under the TCEQ in 2017. From there, Targus worked with the TCEQ and the client to remediate the site. This included soil and water surveys and an MSD application to the city of Dallas, which was approved in 2018. The site received a Certificate of Completion from the TCEQ in 2019.    

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