Project Summary Former Acute Care Medical Complex
Location Washington, DC
Service Phase I Due Diligence

The subject property was a former acute care hospital complex being transferred from one agency of the United States government to be re-purposed for health care and related services to other entities. The various parties engaged federal contractors to conduct a variety of assessments of the buildings and other infrastructure for evaluation of suitability for the intended purposes. A Phase I ESA and assessments of asbestos, lead, mold, radon, PCBs, petroleum, and air emissions permits, among others, were included in those evaluations.

Targus was engaged by one of the parties to conduct an in-depth review of the provided assessment reports and to offer guidance on risk decisions and appropriate scopes of additional sampling, analysis, and further investigation of records. At the conclusion of this lengthy engagement we were informed that the final evaluations were sufficient to allow the prospective owner/ operator to make an informed decision.