Kalita Humphreys Mold SJ

Project Summary Mold Consulting
Location Dallas, Texas
Service Mold
Outcome Defined Mitigation Objectives, Supported Restoration

The Kalita Humphreys Theater is a historic theather in Dallas, Texas that was constructed in the 1950s,famed for original productions on an unconventional revolving stage. The Kalita became a city landmark in the 2000s and is an iconic late work by America’s most singular architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  The City of Dallas moved forward on a plan for the theater’s rehabilitation due to several decades of accumulated degradation. The City of Dallas reported that the Kalita could potentially have areas of microbial growth and requested that the building be assessed for mold. Targus conducted visial observations of the Kalita for water intrusion, visible mold growth, or other indications of moisture-related concern and conducted moisture content readings of affected building materials to indicate the potential extent of moisture/ mold affected materials in the building.

Based on the results of the survey, Targus prepared an initial mold assessment report to accompany prior mold assessment reports submitted to the City of Dallas.  Our project team has interacted with City of Dallas personnel, historical preservationists, and multiple contractors as part of the bidding process for mitigation and building restoration.

T18-3840 Kalita Humphreys Theatre