DFW Airport

Project Summary Groundwater Monitoring and Stormwater Outfall Sampling
Location DFW Airport, Texas
Service Remediation
Outcome Field Notes and Client-Specific Form Reports on schedule and in budget

The Dallas/ Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport participates in the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) with regard to documented groundwater impacts. Regularly-scheduled sampling is required for 90-plus groundwater monitoring wells located throughout Airfield Operations Areas (AOA) requiring strict security clearance and operational procedures be followed. Targus was engaged to provide environmental personnel to support groundwater sampling events at the airport between 2018 and 2020 via low-flow sampling techniques.

Additional services under the engagement include on-call stormwater sampling support during the contract period to support watershed and/or stormwater compliance. Targus staff assist with wet/ dry/ winter weather stormwater outfall and/or watershed sampling and stormwater compliance inspections as needed including weekends and holidays.

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